About us

Company History

Surgical Tables, Inc. has been manufacturing top quality c-arm tables since 2004. STI was acquired by ADDvise Group AB in 2014. ADDvise Group AB (publ) is a leading supplier of equipment to healthcare and research facilities. The group consists of many subsidiaries which focus in the area of Lab and Healthcare. Sales are global. ADDvise shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Premier. Additional information is available at www.addvisegroup.com.

Surgical Tables’ primary focus is on major health care markets with significant growth potential, driven by the demand for better, more cost-effective treatments that offer patients an improved quality of care. Each of our product lines offers the following characteristics:

Company values


STI tables are extremely reliable, leaving the end user to worry about their procedures and not their equipment.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on flexibility, availability, and responsiveness, and offer small business attention to all of our customers.


STI provides flexible solutions for a wide variety of practices, and we specialize in custom tables.

Technologically Advanced

Our tables are designed to support the latest advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques.


STI offers a wide variety of c-arm tables to fit any budget.


We offer reliable tables that ensure safe, trauma-free positioning of the patient without compromising the health and safety of the medical staff.


Surgical Tables, Inc. is FDA compliant, and ISO 13485 certified.

We carry a variety of C-Arm tables for multiple modalities, including pain management, vascular, urology, ERCP/GI, Bariatric and more!