V-MAX Pro Series C-Arm Table

Surgical Tables, Inc’s V-MAX Pro series of vascular c-arm tables offer not only quality, but reliability. You will love our joystick – specifically, it has great grip and gives the user excellent control. The V-MAX offers height adjustment and four-way float. The V-MAXT offers height adjustment, four-way float, and also trendelenberg.

The V-MAX series vascular c-arm tables offer the user ease of use as can be seen in the instant response electric brake which releases for the four-way float function to operate. The table top smoothly floats until the button is released which stops the tabletop from moving. The joystick can be placed anywhere along the edge of the table imaging area. This allows the end user to easily access the joystick from whichever side they choose to work from.

Standard features for both table models include:

  • Diving board style for easy C-arm access
  • Large patient capacity (500-lb pound load)
  • 2” high quality patient comfort pad
  • Facial cut-out access
  • A 24” wide carbon fiber top eliminates the needs for arm boards
  • A 27″ wide top upgrade is also available
  • An 84″ length to accommodate even the tallest of patients
  • Easy patient transfer to table
  • Any OR accessory can be rigidly attached to the table top
  • Bellows to cover and protect the table motor assembly
  • Rotating and lockable casters
  • Control handle (joystick) for easy table movement

Options include:

  • Foot switch
  • Modular side rail system
  • Surgical arm boards (can rotate 180 degrees)
  • Procedural arm boards (each can rotate 180 degrees)
  • Rectangle arm boards
  • Lollipop arm boards
  • Catheter Tray

V-MAX Series Models

The V-MAX and V-MAX T models differ in heights and movements supported:

  • V-MAX offers Height (28″ to 38″), Lateral Float (14″), and also Longitudinal Float (38″, +/- 19″) adjustments.
  • V-MAX T offers Height (30″ to 40″), Lateral Float (14″), Longitudinal Float (38″, +/- 19″), and also Trendelenburg (+/- 17°) adjustments.

A Joystick is standard with both V-MAX models.

The height buttons support raising and lowering the table top. The Trendelenburg buttons control the angle of inclination of the head end. The four-way float allows to user to move laterally and longitudinally with the press of one button at the top of the joystick.

Note that all V-MAX Series imaging tables with motorized movements require 120 VAC power for operation


V-MAX Pro Series Surgical Tables – Brochure
General Brochure

V-MAX Series Surgical Tables – Specifications

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