Urology, Lithotripsy & Nephrology

The use of fluoroscopic C-arms in urology, lithotripsy and nephrology is becoming increasingly popular.  Procedures involving ureteric stents, percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) treatments, & lithotripsy are being performed in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices with regularity.

Surgical Tables Inc.’s URO-MAX C-arm imaging tables are an excellent solution for urological real-time x-ray procedures. Our cantilevered carbon fiber radiolucent top areas allow full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-Arm positioning. The Uro-MAX is very versatile with many movement options and accessories.

Another advantage to the URO-MAX is the optional extensions to make the table full length. You can add a  leg extension which makes the table full length, or a full body extension which can quickly turn your urology table into a procedure table for pain management and other C-arm guided procedures.

A Flexible Urology Table Solution for Your Procedures – and Your Budget

When it comes to a urology table, lithotripsy table, or a nephrology table for a busy examination or procedure room, you need a table that’s capable of handling a wide variety of patients and procedures. Our URO-MAX Imaging C-Arm tables allow for simultaneous motion in all five directions for fast and accurate patient placement:

  • Height adjustment
  • Lateral Travel
  • Longitudinal Travel
  • Trendelenburg
  • Lateral Tilt

This type of flexibility and adjustability allows for safe and seamless maneuvering of incapacitated patients on and off the table. And the low boarding height is also suitable for patients in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

A C-Arm Table Designed with Urology, Lithotripsy, and Nephrology in Mind

Urological, Lithotripsic, and Nephrological procedures have very specific needs when it comes to C-Arm tables and with a URO-MAX table in your procedure rooms, you’ll have the capabilities to meet the needs of both your patients and their caregivers. Give your procedure room the flexibility and efficiency that comes with a Surgical Tables Inc. table.

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The ideal C-arm Imaging table for urological, lithotripsic, and nephrological procedures is our URO-MAX model:


URO-MAX urological tables

Our URO-MAX C-arm imaging tables offer an excellent solution for ...