URO-MAX series C-Arm Table

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We kept versatility in mind when designing our UroMAX series urology c-arm tables. You can customize your purchase to fit your needs.

  1. Choose your model: Choose between the 5 UroMAX models below. (The UroMAX-4 is our most popular option!)
  2. Choose your side rails: We offer a “split” side rail option which many choose when performing lithotomy procedures. You can also choose side rails which run the length of the table
  3. Add on your extension: Just doing Urology procedures? You may only need our leg extension which holds up to 250 lbs. Sharing your table? We also offer an upper body extension which holds up to 500 lbs and has a facial cutout allowing the user to perform prone procedures.
  4. Choose your optional accessories. Our siderails are a standard size and fit most accessories. We also  offer a package containing stirrups, a drain loop, and 10 drain bags. You may also opt for some armboards. See our accessories section for more accessories.

Our UroMAX urology c-arm tables offer flexibility and reliability.

They feature a cantilevered carbon fiber radiolucent top allowing for full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed c-arm positioning.  Also, with the addition of the upper body extension, the UroMAX can be used for pain management, GI and other c-arm guided procedures.


URO-MAX features include:

  • Diving board style for easy C-arm access
  • Large patient capacity (500-lb pound load)
  • A 2” patient high quality comfort pad
  • Our 24” wide top eliminates the needs for arm boards
  • Easy patient transfer to table
  • Protective bellows between the base and top
  • Most standard OR accessories can be rigidly attached to the table top
  • Optional upper body extension allows for procedures in multiple modalities
  • Carbon fiber with integral facial cutout section
  • Extensions are easy to remove and light weight
  • Remove and install leg or full body extension while fluid catcher is in place

The URO-MAX comes in five different models, each with different movements.  Click the tab “Models” to learn more.


URO-MAX Series Movements

Uromax series table movementsThe URO-MAX Series of imaging tables come in five different models, with all offering varying selections of motorized adjustments:

  • UROMAX-1: Height adjustment but no other adjustments (28″ to 38″).
  • UROMAX-2: both Height (28″ to 38″) and also Lateral Tilt adjustments (tilt of +/- 17° ).
  • UROMAX-3: Height (28″ to 38″), and also Lateral Tilt (+/- 17° ), and Trendelenburg (+/- 13°) adjustments.
  • UROMAX-4: Height (30″ to 40″) ,and also Lateral Tilt (+/- 17°), Trendelenburg (+/- 13°), and longitudinal travel (10″, +/- 5″) adjustments.
  • UROMAX-5: Height (33.5″ to 43.5″), and also Lateral Tilt (+/- 17°), Trendelenburg (+/- 13°), longitudinal travel (10″, +/- 5″), and lateral travel (10″, +/- 5″) adjustments.

All URO-MAX series imaging tables include a remote control, patient straps, fixed side rails, and a foot control.




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