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We have the ability to customize any radiolucent table!

Here at our factory in Middleton, MA, we have the ability to custom-build tables for specific projects and procedures. For instance, we can customize any of our tables to be longer, shorter, lower, or taller. That’s just the beginning, however. We’re ready to build you whatever table you may have in mind. We specialize in surgical tables which are radiolucent, or transparent to X-Rays. Contact us to see how our ability to make custom surgical tables can help you.

A few of our recent projects include cadaver tables, ERCP custom floor mounts, and a one-movement hydraulic pump table. Also, we have made carbon fiber tops to assist veterinarians in getting a better image when performing cervical CT scans on horses.

Some our recent custom surgical table projects are:

  • CT and MRI compatible tabletops
  • Cadaver tables with a 300-lb weight limit, 24 x 72 inch top, available in up to 5 movements.
  • ERCP tables that are 27” inches wide by 99” inches long
  • Several 1,000-lb capacity C-arm tables
  • A one-movement, hydraulic pump C-arm table
  • Diving board style C-arm tables with custom colors and custom logos
  • Streamline series tables with protective bellows
  • Urology C-arm tables that can also be used for pain management
  • Veterinary tables
  • Carbon fiber tops for a variety of situation
We have state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge manufacturing capabilities. This enables us to build a wide variety of custom-built surgical and imaging tables. Additionally, our engineers are professionals at coming up with solutions that work best for the end user in a multitude of situations. We want to help you make your life easier. Let us help remove whatever obstacles you are experiencing with a table so you can focus on what is important – your patients. Contact us to see what kind of custom surgical tables we can make for you!
Please inquire today. We’d love to talk with you about your project ideas! Call 888-737-5044 or email for more information.
For a price quote or more information, call 888-737-5044 or email today.

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