Our mobile Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) table is ideal for use in ERCP and gastro-intestinal procedures. The combination of a C-arm and an ERCP table supports the use of fluoroscopic guidance to diagnose and treat problems with the biliary or pancreatic ductal systems. With real-time X-ray and injectable dies, physicians can view the inside of the stomach and duodenum.

Along with a C-arm to perform an ERCP procedure, a multi-movement carbon fiber imaging table is necessary.

Our tables are designed for ERCP and GI procedures that require stability, caregiver access, and silent and vibration-free operation. The X-Y travel motion is perfect for ERCP procedures that are image-guided, and our carbon fiber tabletop supports the use of portable C-arms as well as ceiling-hung models. The radiolucent area of the table surface has been designed to not have any cross-members thereby enabling full visualization and easy C-Arm positioning.

ERCP Tables Offer the Best Choice when it comes to Performance and Price

When you look at the features we’ve packed into our ERCP table, you’ll see why practices across the country are using them for their delicate procedures:

  • Cantilevered, diving board style design offers provider easy C-arm access
  • 500 lbs patient capacity
  • Comfortable 2″ high-quality padding means greater patient comfort
  • Multiple motorized movements
  • 27″ table width eliminates arm boards requirements in most cases
  • Added safety and stability with easy-to-use wheel lock
  • Superior maneuverability means easy and safe table-to-table patient transfer

With cost effective versatility and technology designed into each of our ERCP  tables, you’ll be able to meet your patients’ needs while keeping within your own budgetary requirements. Give your procedure room the flexibility and efficiency that comes with a Surgical Tables Inc. MAX-ERCP table.

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Our MAX-ERCP imaging table is a perfect match for ERCP/GI procedures, providing a flexible and economical solution for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician’s offices alike:

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