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Designed for high patient throughput for surgery centers, pain management, and other multidisciplinary medical facilities, the Streamline series X-ray imaging tables are the lowest priced tables in the imaging table industry.

Along with our best selling MAX series and EconoMAX series, our line of Streamline tables make Surgical Tables, Inc. the company with the most table options to choose from in the medical table industry.


Streamline features include:

    • Carbon fiber, diving board style for easy C-arm access
    • Large patient capacity – high-end actuator motor supports 500-pound loads
    • An 84″ length can accommodate even the tallest of patients
    • A 24″ top eliminates the need for arm boards
    • Two-inch thick, high quality patient comfort pad
    • Facial cut-out for prone procedures
    • Light weight – easy to physically move the table within the room or from room to room
    • Simple to use, high quality wheel locks
    • Extreme low position makes boarding patients fast, easy and safe

The Streamline series comes in five different models.

Streamline offers “absolutely the best price and value in the surgical table industry.”


Streamline Series Movements

Streamline surgical table movements

The Streamline Series X-Ray imaging tables come in five different models, with each offering a different selection of motorized adjustments:

  • Streamline 1 offers Height adjustment only.
  • Streamline 2 offers both Height and Lateral Tilt adjustments.
  • Streamline 3 offers Height, Lateral Tilt, and Trendelenburg adjustments.
  • Streamline 4 offers four different adjustments: Height, Lateral Tilt, Trendelenburg, and Longitudinal Travel.
  • Streamline 5 offers five different adjustments: Height, Lateral Tilt, Trendelenburg, Longitudinal Travel, and Lateral Travel.

For all Streamline Series imaging tables that come with motorized movements, the system includes a remote control for use when positioning the patient.

The height buttons support raising and lowering the table top as shown at right. The Lateral Tilt buttons control the lateral angle of inclination. The Trendelenburg buttons control the angle of inclination of the head end. Longitudinal travel moves the table top in the longitudinal direction as depicted at right. And, finally, the lateral travel button controls table movements in the lateral direction.

Note that all Streamline Series imaging tables with motorized movements require 120 VAC power for operation.


Radiation Safety