We understand that every vascular procedure room has it’s own specifications, size limitations and equipment. That’s why we’ve designed the V-MAX and V-MAX T  series to meet the needs of a wide variety of procedure rooms – allowing staff to work with greater ease and more efficiency.

While we offer our own complete line of accessories for every table we manufacture and sell, virtually ANY operating room accessory can be rigidly attached to our side rails, making our vascular table among the best in the industry.

We’ve Designed our V-MAX Series Tables for the Specific Needs of Vascular Professionals and Their Patients

Our tables are built to withstand the daily use that’s now common in most vascular offices. We’ve made sure that each table meets the needs of patients and providers alike by integrating the following into the design:

  • Cantilevered, diving board style design offers easy access
  • 500 lb patient weight capacity
  • 4-way float and Trendelenburg
  • Comfortable 2″ high-quality padding means greater patient comfort
  • Facial cutout for prone procedures
  • Lightweight and maneuverable table
  • 24″ table width eliminates arm board requirements in most cases
  • Added safety and stability with easy-to-use wheel locks
  • Several models to choose from

Life in Today’s Busy Practice can be Safer and More Efficient with the Right Choice in C-Arm Tables

STI carries many different models to fit any budget, while still meeting the needs of patients. Our C-arm tables are perfect for hospitals, ASC’s, and physician’s offices alike. Common procedures using real-time X-ray are catheter-based treatments, angiography or arteriography and inferior vena cava filter or IVC filter. The treatment of these vascular procedures is most often performed in a cardiac catheterization lab at a hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center.

With cost effective versatility and technology designed into each of our vascular tables, you’ll easily be able to meet the needs of your patients while also staying within budget. Give your procedure room the flexibility and efficiency that come with a Surgical Tables Inc. interventional radiology table.

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Our V-MAX Vascular Imaging tables come in two models for maximum versatility:

V-MAX surgical tables

V-MAX surgical tables

Surgical Table Inc.’s V-MAX series of vascular X-ray imaging ...