OR Tables

Precise and Stable OR Tables

When it comes to procedures that demand stability, easy access, and precision positioning control, our c-arm operating room tables represent some of the most advanced solutions on the market.

We’ve designed all of our surgical tables with both the patient and provider in mind, and make each table with large patient capacities, precision maneuvering controls and up to 5-way lift and tilt operations.

Our Surgical Tables Offer the Best Blend of Efficiency and Comfort

When you look at the features each of our OR tables incorporates, it’s no wonder providers are relying on them procedure-after-procedure:

  • Diving board style design for easy provider and c-arm access
  • Large patient capacity – up to 500 lbs
  • 2″ patient, high-quality comfort padding
  • Facial cutout for prone procedures
  • Lightweight and maneuverable table
  • 24″ top eliminates the need for arm boards in most cases
  • Easy-to-use wheel lock to provide added stability
  • Superior table-to-table patient transfer

The Right Operating Tables at the Right Prices Make Surgical Tables, Inc a Leader in the Market

We pack top-notch versatility and technology into each of our cost-effective operating room tables. With Surgical Tables, Inc., you’ll be able to meet your operating and budgetary demands easily with an OR table that handles every patient, every time.

Give your operating room the flexibility and efficiency that comes with a Surgical Tables, Inc. operating room c-arm table.

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