Surgical Tables, Inc is one of the most trusted names in the c-arm table industry. Our tables are dependable, rugged and made in the USA. We offer a complete line of imaging tables, that will meet the needs of a wide array of modalities. Many of our tables can be shared across different departments. This will your facility time and money.

The Streamline, EconoMAX and MAX series are perfect for pain management. They are all diving board style tables. Each comes with a pair of patient straps, a facial cutout (which can be filled), and a hand control. 

Our Streamline imaging tables are lightweight and highly maneuverable. If the table needs to be placed in an area that is hard to get equipment into, it will be much easier with a Streamline table than another table. In addition, they feature a low profile, I -style base and can hold patients up to 500 lbs. The Streamline table comes in 5 different models.

The EconoMAX table features a short H-style base. It can hold patients up to 500 lbs. This is regardless of the positioning of the patient. There are 5 different models of the EconoMAX table.

If you want or need extra protection for the table’s electrical components, try MAX table. It adds bellows covering them. Like the EconoMAX, it features an H style short base and also holds up to 500 lbs. You can choose from 5 different models.

STI offers pain management C-arm tables for any budget.

A UroMAX c-arm table offers flexibility and reliability. They feature a cantilevered carbon fiber radiolucent top. This allows for full fluoroscopic visualization and in addition, unobstructed c-arm positioning.  In addition, you can add the upper body extension. You can now use the UroMAX for pain management, GI and other c-arm guided procedures. There are 5 different UroMAX models.

We offer not only flexibility but reliability in all our models.

You can use the BT series bariatric imaging c-arm tables for a multitude of procedures. This includes not only pain management/spine, but GI, bariatric surgery, and more. Quality and customer service are paramount at STI. We make our c-arm tables in our factory in Massachusetts. Our BT series is the only table on the market which can hold 1,000 lbs. It comes in 3 models.

Surgical Tables Inc.’s MAX-ERCP C-arm imaging tables are an excellent solution for real-time x-ray procedures because they have 16″ of longitudinal travel. Therefore, you can perform the ERCP procedure with no issues, especially with performing the ERCP procedure under fluoroscopy. Our cantilevered carbon fiber radiolucent top areas allow both full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-Arm positioning. Lastly, STI’s ERCP fluoroscopy table is very versatile with many movement options and accessories.


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