Safety and Compliance. STI takes pride in the quality of the c-arm tables we make in house in Massachusetts, USA.

Customer Service

Unmatched Customer Service. C-arm tables are the only business we are in, and we work hard to ensure a flexible, stress free experience.


Flexibility. STI provides flexible solutions for every modality or budget. We also specialize in custom tables.

Welcome to Surgical Tables, Inc.

As medicine advances towards better patient care, c-arm tables are an integral piece of replacing open procedures with minimally invasive procedures which are performed under x-ray guidance. Surgical Tables Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative, versatile, and quality imaging table solutions for patient platforms on which these cutting edge procedures are performed. We provide solutions for mobile imaging tables for pain management, urology, vascular, ERCP, GI, bariatric surgeries, veterinary imaging and more


Streamline Series C-Arm Table

At Surgical Tables, Inc, we know pain management. As a result, our ...

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Bariatric C-Arm Tables

  Does your facility perform bariatric surgery and needs a bariatric ...

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URO-MAX series C-Arm Table

We kept versatility in mind when designing our UroMAX series urology ...

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MAX Series C-Arm Tables

At Surgical Tables, Inc, we know mobile c-arm tables. With this in ...

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