X-ray c-arm tables

The Future of X-Ray Imaging C-Arm Tables is with Surgical Tables, Inc.

Surgical Tables, Inc. is one of the largest and most-trusted names in X-ray Imaging C-arm table technology. With our dependable “Made in the USA” rugged tables, we’ve got a complete line of surgical tables that will meet your needs now – and into the future.

Each of our C-Arm imaging tables supports the latest technology advancements in surgery procedures and imaging. and, with the ability to move in up to five directions, (including trendelenburg, lateral tilt, and more) our tables set the standard for efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

Loaded with features, our C-Arm tables provide a flexible solution inside the surgical environment and an affordable solution that eases many affordability and budget concerns.

Our X-Ray C-Arm tables offer all-around versatility and the accessories you’ll need for just about any practice

We know that no two practices are exactly the same. That’s why we offer plenty of accessories for the individualized needs of your patients, including:

  • Leg stirrups
  • Wired hand control
  • Surgical arm boards
  • Leg extension
  • Fluid catcher
  • Cervical platforms
  • Modular side rails

There’s an X-Ray C-Arm table that’s right for both your practice – and your patients

No matter what type of medicine you practice, you’ll have the ability to meet the needs of a larger number of patients with a C-Arm table that handles day-to-day use.

Give your procedure room the flexibility that comes with a Surgical Tables, Inc. X-Ray C-Arm table.

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