Imaging tables

When it comes to Design and Value in Imaging Tables, Surgical Tables, Inc. has the Features and the Pricing You Want

Designed for high patient throughput for imaging and radiology practices, our Streamline Series X-Ray table is the lowest priced table designed for imaging and radiology purposes.

Our Streamline Series X-Ray Imaging Tables can be bought with 5-way adjustable controls, including height, lateral tilt, trendelenburg longitudinal travel and lateral travel. The precision controls mean your patient is exactly where you need them during delicate procedures where millimeters count.

Buy the Streamline and Load it With Features – Then Load it With Patients

Our tables are created to withstand the day-to-day use that comes with life in a busy imaging or radiology practice. That’s why we’ve built in plenty of features to make our table the most useful on the market:

  • Carbon fiber top, 24″ wide – eliminates the need for arm boards
  • 84″ table length is accommodating for even your tallest patients
  • Diving-board style table offers easy c-arm access for imaging equipment and personnel
  • Lightweight design means it’s easy for staff to maneuver the table

Make Life Easier for Staff in Your Imaging Practice – Step Up to a Streamline Series X-Ray Imaging Table

Imaging and radiology have a very specific set of needs when it comes to surgical tables and with Surgical Tables, Inc., you’ll have the ability to meet the needs of a larger number of patients with an imaging table that handles every patient, every time.

Give your procedure room the flexibility that comes with a Surgical Tables, Inc. imaging table.

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